Signs That Your 18 Wheeler Needs Engine Repair

Signs That Your 18 Wheeler Needs Engine Repair

Regular maintenance and care are necessary for diesel engines since even little problems may rapidly become expensive damages. Fortunately, an engine overhaul is a fantastic solution to several issues and is far less costly than a replacement.

The engine is disassembled throughout the overhaul procedure, and defective parts are carefully found. A specialist will rebuild the engine once everything has been changed and cleaned. A diesel machine's performance and power may be increased with an overhaul. Additionally, regular maintenance may extend the life of your engine, offering you more excellent value.

You hear strange noises from the engine 

Even at their quietest, tractor-trailers may be rather noisy, so you generally shouldn't drive one if the engine is making loud noises like banging and rattling. Grinding noises might also indicate low transmission fluid levels or inadequate ride height. However, if your engine starts to bang, you should be cautious since there may be severe damage, such as worn-out main bearings or liner seals.

You face challenges with driving 

Driving a heavy-duty passenger truck requires less proficiency than operating a semi-truck. However, you're endangering yourself and other drivers if you find it difficult to change gears, drive straight, maneuver, or come to a complete stop. Pay attention to odd sensations when going, such as abrupt tugging or vibrations; misaligned wheels, worn-out tires, failing brakes, or transmission issues are likely to blame.

Performance issues

When driving, do you detect erosion or loss of engine power? Are you doing the same route but using more fuel than usual? These instances indicate underlying engine problems, such as a blocked fuel system, a faulty oxygen sensor, a filthy air filter, or a loss of cylinder compression. To identify the problem's root cause, a semi-truck repair specialist will examine each of these concerns.


Liquid leaks may cause semi-trucks a lot of hassle. Investigate the liquid's color, smell, and consistency when you see puddles underneath. If it looks to be anything other than water, it might be transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, or coolant. Hire a semi-truck repair professional to locate the issue's cause and fix it right away.

Excessive smoking 

Excessive smoke is one indication that your diesel engine needs to be overhauled. Since not every operator notices the exhaust flowing from the engine while running, this issue might quickly go unnoticed. Numerous things may be characterized as excessive exhaust. The engine burns oil if the smoke is blue, and the diesel fuel may not flow properly. Coolant may have seeped into the engine if the smoke has a white appearance.

You hear knocking noises 

You might consider rebuilding the diesel engine if you notice loud knocking noises coming from under the hood of your heavy-duty truck. This noise is distinct from standard engine noises; thus, you need immediate action.

You experience loss of compression 

Compression loss is a phenomenon that often causes a loss of power and poor performance. Fuel or coolant leaks can contaminate the engine oil, raising the oil level in the crankcase.

This situation often also suggests engine leaks in other places. Your engine's cylinders may be leaking due to worn-out components that need repair, and it is overdue for an overhaul due to cylinder leaks and declining performance.

Engine overhauls 

The frequency of engine overhauling is influenced by several variables, including the presence of damaged components and reaching certain milestones. Depending on the manufacturer, specific models need maintenance after several kilometers or operational years. Depending on the environment the vehicle works in and the volume of stop-and-go traffic it encounters, your heavy-duty truck may need more regular overhauls.

Spun rod bearings 

When a rod bearing is spun, the out-of-place bearing harms both the rod journal and the connecting rod. This could happen as a result of the crankcase being unlubricated. When damaged rods travel around within the engine, further damage could result. Getting your engine refurbished if a bearing has spun is recommended to prevent expensive damage.


Although there will be some blow-by with diesel engines, severe blow-by is a symptom of something wrong with your heavy-duty truck. When the diesel engine's firing is too intense for the piston rings to withstand, problematic blow-by occurs, and the increased combustion pressure causes an excessive output. An expert must evaluate the engine's compression to identify the problem's root cause.

With tractor-trailers, blow-byes are particularly frequent. Extreme blow-by problems may be avoided with routine semi-truck engine maintenance.

Rough idling 

Your diesel heavy-duty truck requires an engine overhaul if there are issues while the engine is idling or shutting down. When your heavy-duty truck stops, it may bounce, which is an indication of wear and tear. When you attempt to switch off your engine, it cannot turn off, meaning that oil has gotten into the combustion chamber. The earlier you handle the problem of runaway engines, the better.

Problems with turning 

Commercial trucks should be periodically examined to help reduce the danger of on-road breakdowns since they are much larger than passenger heavy-duty trucks. The state of your tires is one thing to check regularly, and drivers should check their tires as soon as they detect trouble turning or excessive vibration since mismatched or broken tires may lead to issues. You want your vehicle to go with the least amount of body roll possible, so pay attention to any adjustments or strange feelings!

Final words 

The best way to find peace of mind is to know that a truck repair agency provides outstanding repair and maintenance services to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Be sure to take heavy-duty trucks for any cornering or turning difficulties you discover. You need to make one call to acquire the necessary repairs and replacements.

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