Caterpillar Maintenance & Repair

From heavy-duty construction equipment to 18-wheelers, Caterpillar builds it all. Caterpillar is generally the go-to manufacturer for construction fleets. They’re durable, incredibly tough, and designed to do virtually anything. These trucks are very versatile, but they’re only as good as the maintenance performed on them. Routine oil changes, tire rotations, and other related maintenance options are a necessity if you want your truck to perform at its peak for long durations of time. Call Integrity Fleet Services today to find out more. 

Common Maintenance Services

Tire Maintenance

Have you ever noticed that the tread on your heavy-duty truck’s tires is uneven? If so, it’s probably because you haven’t been rotating or aligning your wheels. By rotating your tires every few months, you’re ensuring your tire's tread wears out evenly. This lengthens their lifespan and keeps money in your pocket for longer. Alignments on the other hand not only even out your tread, but also put less stress on your steering components. 

Suspension Services

Over time your heavy-duty truck’s suspension will likely start to wear out. Whether it be your bushings or your shock towers, something is bound to go. Your bushings are designed to absorb vibrations so your vehicle’s vital components don’t have to. Shocks on the other hand are designed to mitigate rebound movement and keep you and your passengers safe inside the vehicle. 

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we work with it all

we work with it all