Mack Maintenance & Repair

Mack builds some of the toughest and most reliable trucks on the market. They’re known for their incredible lifespan and durability. With decades of engineering and design going into these trucks, it should come as no surprise that they’re reliable. However, this reliability doesn’t mean they’re immune to routine maintenance. Just like any other truck, Mack trucks need regular maintenance in order to run well. Otherwise, they’re at risk of catastrophic failure and an extremely shortened lifespan. 

Common Mack Truck Maintenance

Fluids and Filters

Mack trucks are just like all the other 18-wheelers when it comes to fluid and filter maintenance. They have large components that need to be adequately lubricated in order to function effectively. These components include the engine, transmission, and differentials. Other systems like steering, brakes, and HVAC may also use fluid that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. 

By far the most important and most regular of all these maintenance needs is your engine oil and engine filters. Your engine oil needs to be flushed and replaced every ten thousand miles (this is an average, check your manufacturer’s manual for more accurate information) to maintain adequate lubrication. When changing your oil, you must also change your oil and fuel filters. 

Tire Maintenance

In order to maximize the lifespan of your tires, we highly recommend you get them balanced, rotated, and aligned. This will reduce uneven tread wear, and increase their life span. 

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