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Integrity offers our technicians to be entirely devoted to your equipment while loyally working as an extension of your very own team. Helping you reach and achieve your operational goals.

Our fleet management services provide you with peace of mind about your trucks and trailers. We can assign a team member to remain on site, managing your fleet year round to keep inspections up to date, preventive maintenance scheduled regularly, and foresee any issues and concerns.

Our goal is to minimize downtime and ensure your trucks are in the best condition possible for the sake of your truckers’ safety, company’s success, and customers' satisfaction.

If you are interested in partnering with Integrity Fleet Services, contact us today. We will explain the process of sending one of our team members to your facility permanently to manage your fleet and protect the very expensive assets your business depends on — your 18-wheelers!

Many trucking companies trust Integrity Fleet Services with their fleet. That's because we keep excellent records, provide proactive care for your trucks, and keep your drivers on the road worry-free.

On-Site Fleet Services by Integrity Fleet Services
Heavy equipment repair by Integrity Fleet Services


Commercial vehicles are complex. With more components and electrical systems than ever before, vehicle maintenance has become a moving target.

If you need computer diagnostics services, one of our trained technicians can help. Computer diagnostic service is the process of connecting your equipment to our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and running tests. This allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your equipment the right way the first time.

Diagnostics are available on all makes and models on commercial vehicles (class 3-8). All of the software that Integrity uses is top of the line. We can clear and read any codes as well as offer force regens on all systems.

We come to you for any truck and trailer welding repair needs (steel, aluminum, and stainless steel). We offer a dynamic mobile welding service that is adaptable to most jobs and situations. Whether it's an emergency, or a custom weld, we come to you in a timely fashion with all the necessary tools and equipment.

Aluminum Welding

Not all welding is the same. Different metal materials require different equipment and different techniques to get the job done. Our welders are experts in aluminum welding and have the skill to take on your most complex aluminum welding jobs.

Stainless Steel Welding

While austenitic stainless steels are very common, there are also ferritic, martensitic, duplex and precipitation hardening types of stainless steels. Each type requires different levels of heat and techniques that the technicians here at Integrity Fleet Services have mastered.

MIG Welding

MIG Welding requires a unique process to ensure safety and a secure job. MIG welding, which is a subtype of GMAW, is a highly specialized method and requires a skilled welder. Customers trust Integrity Fleet Service because we can do it all.

Trailer Repair

Don't scrap your trailer from a small problem, give us a call at Integrity Fleet Services for a free estimate to get your trailer welded and back on the road.

If you’re looking for an expert trailer or truck frame welding shop, you’ve found it. Give us a call for a free consultation on your unique job!

A preventative maintenance program is crucial to any fleet maintenance organization. Consistency and compliance are critical. Preventative maintenance keeps equipment in excellent condition through regular checkups and maintenance.

A preventative maintenance plan will reduce unplanned downtime by providing forecasted issues that can be identified and addressed before any failures or unexpected shutdowns.

Whether you have an existing preventive maintenance program or you need to develop one, our highly skilled and experienced DOT / FMCSA certified inspectors will take a hands-on approach to your fleet.

Integrity will build custom maintenance programs that best fit your specific operational needs and learn your field of service and operations to find solutions to all your fleet needs and challenges.

We can:

  • Build custom maintenance programs that fit specific operational needs
  • Carefully adhere to existing maintenance programs and protocols
  • Manage and schedule recurring PM and DOT/FHWA inspections
  • Manage and log all maintenance & service records
Integrity Fleet Services mechanic working on a fleet truck

Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer repairs

Axle Repair

18-wheelers and other heavy-duty commercial vehicles require hefty axles in order to mitigate the strain of intense torque. Light-duty axles on a heavy-duty rig would likely snap, as the force they’d be under would be nearly unfathomable. Whether through age, use, or exposure to the elements, axles need to be serviced routinely. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we consider ourselves to be axle experts. Our skilled technicians are well-equipped to handle any and all axle problems.

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Heavy-duty commercial vehicles can carry or tow close to a hundred thousand pounds because of their powerful engine and strong drivetrain. Bringing a hundred thousand pounds to a stop requires a hefty amount of braking power, and as such, heavy-duty commercial rigs will generally have incredibly complex and powerful braking systems. Because of what heavy-duty air brakes do on a regular basis, they require significant repair and maintenance.

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Coolant Systems

All vehicles that use an internal combustion engine will use some sort of coolant system. Heavy-duty coolant systems are usually a lot larger and a lot more complicated than what you’d normally find in a small or even medium-sized automobile. Ultra heavy-duty radiators and large coolant line systems are designed to handle an incredible amount of heat produced by large diesel engines. Heavy-duty trucks would catastrophically fail without their coolant system, so maintenance is mandatory.

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DOT Compliant Inspections

If your heavy-duty commercial vehicle weighs more than 10,000 pounds, the US Department of Transportation requires you to obtain a DOT inspection certificate on an annual basis. Our technicians at Integrity Fleet Services can perform both State and Federal DOT compliant inspections. Besides ensuring your truck is safe and in peak operating shape, our DOT compliant inspection service will keep you fully compliant with the Department of Transportations rules and regulations.

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Diagnostics & Electrical

Newer diesel models are full of electronics. They have a ton of sensors, huge computer units, and a crazy amount of wiring. This makes your diesel truck more prone to electrical issues. These issues can be quite complex, and often require hours' worth of troubleshooting. Computer diagnostic service is the process of connecting your equipment to our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and running tests. This allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your equipment the right way the first time.

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Driveline Repair & Maintenance

Your driveline is responsible for taking your engine’s torque and transferring it to your wheels. This is typically done using a series of driveshafts and differentials. These components need to be maintained on a routine basis because replacing them altogether can be extremely expensive. One of the major component types in your driveline are your differentials. Your differentials take power from your driveshaft and transfer it to your drive axles. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we offer an extensive selection of driveline repair and maintenance services. 

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Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems are very important for heavy-duty 18-wheelers, for the bigger the engine, the more emissions. Alongside noise suppression, exhaust systems are also designed to protect the driver from harmful fumes and protect our atmosphere and environment. Using catalytic converters and other emissions control systems, your exhaust limits the amount of carbon that’s emitted into the atmosphere. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we are exhaust experts.

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Express Lube

If you want your heavy-duty commercial vehicle to last a long time, you need to perform adequate preventative maintenance. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we offer a service called Express Lube. This service will ensure everything from 18-wheelers to lighter-duty haulers receives adequate maintenance in a proactive way. Our techs here at Integrity Fleet Services believe that proactive maintenance is far more beneficial to you as the driver than that reactive repairs.

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HVAC Maintenance & Repair

As an 18-wheeler operator, you’re expected to drive in all types of weather. Whether you’re driving through the hot southern states or the cold Canadian provinces, you need a fully functioning HVAC system to keep you comfortable and safe. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we consider ourselves to be HVAC experts. We have tons of experience working on AC and heating systems, and hundreds of happy customers to match.

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Heavy-Duty Body Work

Your heavy-duty vehicle’s body work is responsible for maintaining adequate aerodynamics, benefits your fuel efficiency, and protects your engine and other vital components. It also maintains the look and aesthetics of your vehicle! Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we offer an all-encompassing set of body services. Whether you got into an accident or simply want custom work, our highly trained bodywork professionals will get the job done. 

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Oil & Fluid

For your major components to work properly and last a long time, you need to perform preventative maintenance on a routine basis. This preventative maintenance starts with regular oil and fluid changes. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we are preventative maintenance experts. We know the ins and outs of 18-wheelers better than anyone. We’ll have your oil and fluid maintenance done in a jiffy so you can get back out on the road.

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Suspension Maintenance & Repair

Your suspension is an extremely important part of your 18-wheeler. Not only is it responsible for holding up extreme amounts of weight, but it’s also responsible for keeping you and your passengers safe. Unlike smaller cars, 18-wheelers use complex air suspension systems. These systems are designed to give you the strength of leaf spring setups and allow for comfort when not hauling. They can be complex, and as such, require routine maintenance and inspection.

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Transmission & Clutch

Your transmission and clutch are incredibly important. They allow your engine’s power to be transferred to your drivetrain using a variety of gears. These gears optimize your engine’s power input so you can haul extreme amounts of weight with relative ease. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we’re experts at maintaining transmissions, but we are also fully equipped to do any and all transmission repairs that come our way.

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Wheel & Tire Repair

18-wheeler operators drive hundreds of thousands of miles throughout their careers. They travel vast distances in all types of weather, in all climate types. Over time, drivers are bound to experience some sort of tire damage. The most common form is a tire blowout due to road debris. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we offer a full suite of tire repair options. Whether you want your tire simply repair or completely replaced, our technicians have your back.

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