Freightliner Maintenance & Repair

Freightliners are incredibly popular 18-wheelers. They’re well known for their great performance and durability. Like most trucks, they too need maintenance on a regular basis. Failing to perform adequate maintenance is a sure-fire way to drastically reduce your vehicle’s performance and reliability. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, not only do we perform preventative maintenance on Freightliners, but we also do major repairs of all kinds. For all your Freightliner needs, Integrity Fleet Service has your back. 

Common Freightliner Issues

Oil Leaks

The most common problem with Freightliners is oil leaks. Oil has been known to leak from camshafts, fuel filters, and other prominent areas. These leaks are usually caused by old gaskets that need to be replaced. Fixing the issue is rather simple, for you’d just have to replace the old gaskets with new ones. Our technicians will have this job done in no time. 

Wheels and Tires

Just like any other 18-wheeler that travels hundreds of thousands of miles in its lifetime, uneven tread wear is always a concern. By rotating your tires and aligning your wheels, you can ensure your tread lasts as long as possible. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we value efficiency above all else. You can trust us to have you in and out as soon as possible. 

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we work with it all

we work with it all