Truck Diagnostics & Electrical Repair Services in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

Unlike old school diesels, newer models are full of electronics. They have a ton of sensors, huge computer units, and a crazy amount of wiring. This makes your diesel truck more prone to electrical issues. These issues can be quite complex, and often require hours' worth of troubleshooting. Our technicians here at Integrity Fleet Services are experts at tracing wire systems. Why stress over electrical issues when we can deal with them instead? Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we understand better than most that being off the road is a great way to lose money. As such, our processes are quick yet effective and will have you out in a jiffy. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Electrical System

Components Not Operating Properly

Do you think you have an electrical issue? Are any of your electronic components not working? Common electrical issues include excessive dashboard lights, faulty gauges, and window actuators that don’t work. Since these issues could be caused by virtually anything, they can be quite difficult to troubleshoot. The problem could be anything from a blown fuse to a damaged wire harness. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, our technicians are wiring experts. With the tools and experience needed to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible, you can rest assured knowing that Integrity Fleet Services has your back. 

Blown Fuses

Fuses are designed to protect your vehicle’s wiring by sacrificing themselves in the event that too much power goes through your system. Every fuse has its own rating, and when that rating is exceeded, the fuse will blow. Many assume that a blown fuse is the cause of all their issues, but electrical issues are often more complex than that. Something caused the fuse to blow, meaning replacing the fuse is not a permanent solution. You may get lucky and not notice the problem again for quite some time, but you run the risk of it showing up again. 

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Very accommodating, courteous and customer was number one priority. Thanks for all the hard work.
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Liban Selassie

These guys got me in late in the afternoon and knocked out my Texas State inspection in a hurry.  When time is money you need folks like this in your corner.   I appreciated the professionalism and courteous staff. I will definitely be back.
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Michael Barnes

Very pleasant experience and I would go back. Just be sure check on pricing and know where you stand before you leave anything they treated me very fair.
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