Truck Transmission & Clutch Repair Services in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

Your transmission and clutch are incredibly important. They allow your engine’s power to be transferred to your drivetrain using a variety of gears. These gears optimize your engine’s power input so you can haul extreme amounts of weight with relative ease. Just like your 18-wheeler’s engine, your transmission and clutch need routine maintenance in order to function properly. Transmission maintenance typically comes down to straightforward fluid changes and cooling system inspections. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we’re experts at maintaining transmissions, but we are also fully equipped to do any and all transmission repairs that come our way. Whether you’ve lost a gear or are having overheating issues, our technicians will have you covered. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Transmission

Overheating Issues

If your transmission is overheating a lot, chances are your transmission fluid is no longer doing its job. Lubrication seems rather straightforward, but it’s more than just having lubricant. The quality of the lubricant is also important. Over time your transmission fluid breaks down and is not able to adequately lubricate your gears. Hence the overheating issue. 

If your transmission fluid is in good condition but your transmission is still overheating, chances are you’re putting more strain on it than your coolant system is designed to handle. This may be a sign that you need to upgrade your transmission cooling system. Unlike modern cars which don’t have a dedicated transmission cooler, 18-wheelers need high-power coolant systems. They work similarly to radiators in that they disperse heat from the transmission fluid in the same way that a radiator disperses heat from the engine’s coolant. 

Missing Gears

If you’re unable to shift into a gear, you may have lost it altogether. Over time gears may wear down due to excessive amounts of friction. Usually, this is due to transmission fluid problems. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we’re transmission rebuild experts. Why not give us a call today to see what we can do for you.


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