Truck Express Lube Services in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

If you want your heavy-duty commercial vehicle to last a long time, you need to perform adequate preventative maintenance. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we offer a service called Express Lube. This service will ensure everything from 18-wheelers to lighter-duty haulers receives adequate maintenance in a proactive way. Our techs here at Integrity Fleet Services believe that proactive maintenance is far more beneficial to you as the driver than that reactive repairs. We do good, honest work. Call us today to see what we can do for you. 

Components That Require Lubrication

Heavy-duty Engine Oil

Like most components that have moving parts, heavy-duty engines require a lot of lubrication in order to avoid major damage or catastrophic damage. Some may assume that as long as an engine has oil it will forever be in good shape, be we’re here to argue against that logic. Oil loses its ability to lubricate an engine over time. Each manufacturer has its own rating for when you should change your engine oil. It should be noted that engine oil should always be changed alongside your oil filter and fuel filters. 

Transmission Fluid

Your transmission is responsible for moving power from your engine to your drivetrain. For those that aren’t too familiar with transmissions, they’re basically a set of gears that allow you to optimize your engine’s power output. These gears are constantly moving, and as such, need adequate lubrication. Without proper lubrication, your transmission is at risk of severe damage. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we’re experts at maintaining transmissions. We know the ins and outs of transmission maintenance better than anyone in the Pacific Northwest. 


Every heavy-duty commercial truck will have a set of differentials. These differentials are responsible for transferring power from your driveshaft to your drive axles. From there, your wheels will receive the power they need to move. Within your differential housing are a series of important gears. These gears are constantly moving and need to be lubricated at all times. Without proper lubrication, the bearings and gears within your drivetrain are at risk of catastrophic failure. 


Very accommodating, courteous and customer was number one priority. Thanks for all the hard work.
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These guys got me in late in the afternoon and knocked out my Texas State inspection in a hurry.  When time is money you need folks like this in your corner.   I appreciated the professionalism and courteous staff. I will definitely be back.
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Very pleasant experience and I would go back. Just be sure check on pricing and know where you stand before you leave anything they treated me very fair.
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