Peterbilt Maintenance & Repair

Peterbilt trucks are known for their immense towing and hauling capabilities. They’re good trucks driven by great people. Like many other 18-wheelers, Peterbilt trucks need a lot of maintenance if they’re to stay great. Trucks that don’t receive adequate maintenance are often more costly than those that received maintenance. Think about it, why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new engine when you could have just spent a few dollars on an oil change? Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we offer a full suite of repair and maintenance services for all Peterbilt trucks. 

Common Maintenance Services

Tire Maintenance

By rotating and aligning your tires, you can ensure your wheels last as long as physically possible. Over time your treads will wear out unevenly due to the weight of your cargo and the vast distances your truck travels. Proper tire maintenance is key if you’re to avoid costly tire replacements on a regular basis. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we’re tire experts. We’ll have you in and out of the shop in a jiffy. 

Electrical System Maintenance

Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we strongly believe in catching small issues before they become big issues. Electrical problems may start out small, but they can grow big really fast. Don’t let electrical problems ruin your day. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 

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we work with it all

we work with it all