Volvo Maintenance & Repair

Did you know Volvo 18-wheelers are built on the same assembly line as Mack Trucks? That means they’re generally just as durable, reliable, and tough. Volvo builds some pretty awesome trucks, but just like Mack 18-wheelers, they are not immune to maintenance needs. Underneath that pretty exterior is a heavy-duty system capable of towing a hundred thousand pounds. Due to the sheer complexity of their systems, routine maintenance is a must. Everything from oil changes to suspension inspections must take place if your truck is to last any longer than the first ten thousand miles. 

Common Volvo Maintenance Items


In order to avoid uneven tread wear, you must get your tires rotated, aligned, and balanced on a routine basis. Your tires are constantly under a lot of stress. After all, they’re what’s actually holding you up. Due to the vast distances these trucks are expected to go, and the differing terrains, it should come as no surprise that they need a little love every once in a while. By maintaining your wheels, you’re not only lengthening the lifespan of your tires but taking the unnecessary strain off your steering system as well. 

Coolant Systems

Coolant systems are very important to inspect and maintain on a regular basis. The harder you drive your truck, the more strain your coolant system is under. An 18-wheeler can only haul as much as its coolant system can handle. A failing coolant system limits your performance and puts your truck at risk of your engine overheating. Over time coolant loses its ability to absorb heat so be sure to inspect your coolant and fluids on a regular basis. 

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