Truck Coolant System Repair Services in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

All vehicles that use an internal combustion engine will use some sort of coolant system. Motorcycles, light-duty pickup trucks and everything in-between will use light-duty coolant systems. Heavy-duty coolant systems on the other hand are usually a lot larger and a lot more complicated than what you’d normally find in a small or even medium-sized automobile. Ultra heavy-duty radiators and large coolant line systems are designed to handle an incredible amount of heat produced by large diesel engines. Most heavy-duty trucks will also have oil and transmission coolers working alongside their radiator. 

How do these systems cool your engine? First of all, your vehicle’s water pump pushes your coolant through your engine and into your radiator. While in the engine block, your coolant absorbs a lot of the heat and then gets rid of it when passing through your radiator. Oil coolers act similarly to that of a radiator, but instead of using coolant, they use oil. The same goes for transmission coolers, which cool transmission fluid. 

Seeing as though heavy-duty trucks would catastrophically fail without their coolant system, maintenance is mandatory. Smaller automobiles may survive without a fully functional coolant system, but heavy-duty trucks definitely do not have that luxury. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we provide a full range of coolant maintenance and repair services. Whether you need coolant lines repaired or your water pump replaced, Integrity Fleet Services has your back. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Coolant System

Overheating Engine and Transmission

One of the easiest ways to diagnose a coolant system issue is to check whether or not your engine and transmission are overheating. If they are, you’ve got a coolant issue. The causal factor may be anything from a light coolant leak to water pump damage. Our technicians here at Integrity Fleet Services will inspect, diagnose, and repair the issue in a manner that gets you back out onto the road as soon as possible. 

Loss of Coolant

If you are constantly losing coolant, chances are you may have to flush out the old stuff and introduce new coolant into the system. Similar to how engine oil loses its ability to lubricate an engine over time, coolant loses its ability to absorb heat as well. Our technicians here at Integrity Fleet Services will get rid of the old coolant and introduce fresh coolant to solve the issue. 

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