Truck Brake Repair in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

Truck Brake Service in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles can carry or tow close to a hundred thousand pounds because of their powerful engine and strong drivetrain. Bringing a hundred thousand pounds to a stop requires a hefty amount of braking power, and as such, heavy-duty commercial rigs will generally have incredibly complex and powerful braking systems. Unlike small automobiles that use light-duty fluid-based brakes, heavy-duty trucks use air brakes. Instead of using brake fluid to engage your brake calipers, air brakes use highly compressed air. Using a system of air lines and compressors, air brakes are able to stop close to a hundred thousand pounds on a reliable basis. 

Because of what heavy-duty air brakes do on a regular basis, they require significant repair and maintenance. When service doesn’t happen, components will fail, and you and everyone else on the road are put at risk. Minor issues become major issues, and major issues become catastrophic. Below you’ll find a list of common brake failure symptoms that may act as an early warning. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of Bad Air Brakes

Longer Air Compressor Charging Time

Heavy-duty air brakes rely on powerful compressors to routinely supply the system with pressurized air. If your air compressor is taking a long time to charge, or in other words, fill with air, your air system may have a leak. Leaks in your hose or valve infrastructure lower the overall pressure in the system, which means your compressor is filling at a much slower rate. Typical causal factors generally include age, use, and road debris. Sometimes as the system gets older, airlines may rip when under high pressure. 

Noisy Brakes

Listening to your brakes is an excellent way to diagnose a disc or drum issue. When you hit the brakes, do you hear a metal-on-metal sound? Brake pads will wear out over time if they don’t get routinely changed, which eventually leads to two metal components scraping against each other. 

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