Truck Oil & Fluid Services in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

For your major components to work properly and last a long time, you need to perform preventative maintenance on a routine basis. This preventative maintenance starts with regular oil and fluid changes. Depending on your 18-wheeler’s manufacturer, service intervals may vary for each component. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we are preventative maintenance experts. We know the ins and outs of 18-wheelers better than anyone. We’ll have your oil and fluid maintenance done in a jiffy so you can get back out on the road. We also offer oil and fluid services for fleets! 

Parts That Need Lubrication

Heavy-duty Diesel Engine

Every 18-wheeler is only as good as its heavy-duty diesel engine. Without proper lubrication, your engine will seize and need to be replaced. This will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and may even total your truck. Oil changes on the other hand are super cheap in comparison and make your truck run better than ever! Some assume that as long as your engine has oil, it doesn’t need a change. After all, oil is better than no oil right? No, over time oil loses its ability to lubricate your engine which results in high levels of friction and damaged components. Why not get your oil changed at Integrity Fleet Services? Our process is fast and won’t break the bank. 

Heavy-duty Transmission

18-wheelers have a large and complex transmission that is designed to optimize how your engine’s power is used. For those that don’t know how transmissions work, all you really need to know is they contain a series of moving gears. If these gears aren’t properly lubricated, they’ll seize up and put the rest of your drivetrain at risk. Transmission fluid lasts a lot longer than engine oil but still needs to be changed according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Transmission oil also loses its ability to lubricate moving parts over time, so don’t go too long without changing it! 

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Very accommodating, courteous and customer was number one priority. Thanks for all the hard work.
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Liban Selassie

These guys got me in late in the afternoon and knocked out my Texas State inspection in a hurry.  When time is money you need folks like this in your corner.   I appreciated the professionalism and courteous staff. I will definitely be back.
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Michael Barnes

Very pleasant experience and I would go back. Just be sure check on pricing and know where you stand before you leave anything they treated me very fair.
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KW Rowe