Truck Suspension Maintenance & Repair Services in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

Your suspension is an extremely important part of your 18-wheeler. Not only is it responsible for holding up extreme amounts of weight, but it’s also responsible for keeping you and your passengers safe. Many assume that a suspension system doesn’t need routine service. Although that may be true for many light passenger vehicles, that’s certainly not true for 18-wheelers. Unlike smaller cars, 18-wheelers use complex air suspension systems. These systems are designed to give you the strength of leaf spring setups and allow for comfort when not hauling. They can be complex, and as such, require routine maintenance and inspection. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Suspension System

Your 18-Wheeler Bounces

Does your 18-wheeler bounce when going over a speed bump? Does it hop when going over potholes? If you said yes, chances are you need new shock absorbers. Shocks are responsible for controlling the rebound movement of your truck. It’s what stops your 18-wheelers from continually bouncing after hitting a bump in the road. Shocks are also responsible for absorbing road vibrations, which in turn protects you and your passengers from injury. 

Vibrations and Rattling

If you are noticing an unusual amount of vibrating and rattling coming from your suspension, chances are you need service. Vibrations and rattling are usually a sign of damaged bushings, which are responsible for absorbing vibrations from the road so you’re vehicle’s vital components don’t have to. Over time these bushings wear down and fall apart, hence the rattling and vibrating. 

Air Compressor Charging Time

Air suspension on most 18-wheelers is heavily reliant upon large heavy-duty air compressors. If you notice that your air compressor is taking significantly longer to charge, or in other words, fill with compressed air, chances are you have a leak in your system. Air suspension lines are designed to handle immense amounts of pressure, but over time those lines may break down. Airbags may also brake down, for they are responsible for holding up nearly a hundred thousand pounds. 

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