Kenworth Maintenance & Repair

Kenworth is one of the most notable 18-wheeler manufacturers out there. They build great trucks that do great things. Whether it be hauling eighty thousand pounds across North America, or keeping their drivers comfortable while doing so, there is a lot to be impressed about. These trucks are gems so why not treat them as such? Routine maintenance is just a way to keep these gems shiny. Why sacrifice the performance and lifespan of your truck when you can bring it to Integrity Fleet Services? We’re experts and we love to work on Kenworth trucks. Give us a call today to find out more! 

Common Maintenance Services

Tire Maintenance

Your tires are arguably the most important when it comes to preventative maintenance. Your wheels are the only component touching the ground, which means it doesn’t matter how well your engine or transmission is running. Without maintained wheels, your truck isn’t going anywhere. It especially isn’t towing or hauling anything! By rotating your tires and balancing your wheels, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the most life possible out of your tires. 

HVAC System Maintenance

18-wheelers are expected to drive all over North America. Do we need to remind you just how drastically North America’s climate and weather vary? From the heat down in Utah to the cold up in Manitoba, 18-wheelers are expected to brave it all. Although the trucks may manage without a properly functioning HVAC system, the drivers certainly won’t! Call today to get your HVAC system maintained or repaired. 

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we work with it all

we work with it all