Truck Heavy-Duty Body Work Services in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

Your heavy-duty vehicle’s body work is responsible for maintaining adequate aerodynamics, benefits your fuel efficiency, and protects your engine and other vital components. It also maintains the look and aesthetics of your vehicle! A vehicle with damaged body panels or peeling paintwork may give off a bad impression, whereas good quality bodywork benefits your brand and reputation. Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we offer an all-encompassing set of body services. Whether you got into an accident or simply want custom work, our highly trained bodywork professionals will get the job done. 

Why should you trust Integrity Fleet Services? 

For the last 10 years, Integrity Fleet Services has helped thousands of customers in and around the Pacific Northwest. As a fully equipped heavy-duty repair shop with a full roster of mechanics trained in everything from bodywork to major engine repair, you can rest assured knowing Integrity Fleet Services has your back. 

What type of trucks do you do body work on? 

Our techs here at Integrity Fleet Services will do body work on any type of heavy-duty truck. Whether you drive an 18-wheeler or heavy-duty rollback, you can count on Integrity Fleet Services to get the job done. Although our primary focus is on 18-wheelers, we do offer bodywork on large heavy-duty trailers as well. Whether it be an 18-wheeler trailer or a heavy-duty construction trailer, both will find a home at Integrity Fleet Services. 

Interested in Hearing More? 

Here at Integrity Fleet Services, we are more than happy to discuss our various services with you. If you’re looking for a quote or want to clarify how in-depth we go with our bodywork services, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be able to provide you with a timeline and other important information and resources. Call us today, you won’t regret it!


Very accommodating, courteous and customer was number one priority. Thanks for all the hard work.
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Liban Selassie

These guys got me in late in the afternoon and knocked out my Texas State inspection in a hurry.  When time is money you need folks like this in your corner.   I appreciated the professionalism and courteous staff. I will definitely be back.
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Michael Barnes

Very pleasant experience and I would go back. Just be sure check on pricing and know where you stand before you leave anything they treated me very fair.
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KW Rowe