International Maintenance & Repair

International 18-wheelers are more than just trucks. They’re the backbone of America and livelihood for many North Americans. These trucks are designed to haul tens of thousands of pounds on a daily basis. They’re expected to be safe, comfortable, and tough enough to drive across the continent in even the worst of conditions. This is only possible when adequate routine maintenance is performed. Don’t let poor-quality maintenance let you down. Come visit us today at Integrity Fleet Services. 

Common Maintenance Services

Tire Maintenance

Your wheels are a super important part of your heavy-duty truck. They are the only component that is touching the ground. This means if they’re in bad shape, there’s nothing to mitigate the disastrous impacts. To keep your tires in the best shape possible, we highly recommend you rotate and align your wheels on a routine basis. Not only will this keep your uneven tread wear to a minimum, but it will place less strain on vital components like your suspension and steering. 

Air Brake Maintenance

The air brakes on an International 18-wheeler are super important and must be maintained and inspected regularly. Air brakes are not like passenger vehicle brakes. They require complex airline systems, large air compressors, and many valves and regulators. Over time valves leak and airlines tear. Don’t let a bad air system hold you back. Come visit us today to get your air brakes inspected. 

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we work with it all

we work with it all