Rebekah Parker

Office Manager

About Rebekah Parker

Rebekah has over 10 years’ experience in the Fleet service industry and over 17 years’ experience in customer service. Rebekah has been with Integrity Fleet Services since June of 2020 starting out as a part time billing administrator, quickly promoted to Office Manager. Her goal at Integrity Fleet Services is to achieve the best customer service in the fleet industry and help the company expand beyond the central southern US. She believes hard work always pays off in the end and it doesn't cost anything to be nice.

Baby Picture:
Favorite Quote:
Weird/Fun Fact about Me: I’m a twin/one of 14 kids
Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching all my week shows in a day.
What I wanted to be when I grow up: A singer
Favorite Starbucks Drink: French Vanilla Cappuccino
Favorite color: All colors I'm not bias.
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Rock, Paper, or Scissors: All of them!