Sara Tamone

Parts Manager

About Sara Tamone

Sara enjoys long walks on the beach, a skittle sunset and ANYTHING outdoors... just kidding!!! Well, not entirely! Sara is goofy, but serious and a lover of all things "good spirited in nature." She has an array of skill sets, a plethora of knowledge in many different areas, but she will always be that "forever student in life." Growth, knowledge, experiencing life in general is what drives Sara's soul. She loves people and she really loves learning new things. What can we say, she is on a path of enlightenment in all aspects of her life! Currently Sara works as Integrity Fleet Services Parts Manager.

Baby Picture:
Favorite Quote:
Weird/Fun Fact about Me: I cannot eat with big fork or small spoons. It LITERALLY freaks me out!!
Guilty Pleasure: Mindlessly watching something on TV
What I wanted to be when I grow up: FBI profiler (Yeah...laugh it up!!!)
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Brown sugar-­oat milk­-shaken espresso
Favorite color: Purple
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Favorite MEME:
Rock, Paper, or Scissors: ROCK!