Robert “Bo” Aaron

General Services Manager

About Robert “Bo” Aaron

Father of 3, all of which are growing up to fast. Married since 2012 to an amazing woman that he doesn't deserve. Robert "Bo" has limited hobbies as he just entertains himself with anything available. He has been in a multitude of industries from government tech to retail and staffing management and even industrial service sales. Bo is currently working as General Services Manager at Integrity Fleet Services.

Baby Picture:
Favorite Quote:
Weird/Fun Fact about Me: I’m a huge metal head from the early and mid 2000’s. I have probably been to around 200 concerts.
Guilty Pleasure: Fast Food, I like it way too much.
What I wanted to be when I grow up: A general physician
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Nah, rather have a Mountain Dew
Favorite color: Cobalt
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Favorite MEME:
Rock, Paper, or Scissors: Rock, jus hit harder