Scheduled Repairs

Integrity Fleet Services provides comprehensive semi truck repair services. Whether you have brake problems and are concerned about the safety of your vehicle or you need AC repair to keep your cab cool day and night, we can do it all.

Here are some of the many 18 wheeler repair services we offer:

AC & Heater Repair

Truckers are on the road all hours of the day in every season, driving across the nation, north to south. Staying comfortable at all times requires a well-functioning AC system and heater. If yours needs work, we provide reliable semi-truck AC repair whenever you need it.

Brake Repair

Few circumstances are scarier on the highway than a trucker who doesn’t have control of his 18 wheeler. We’ll repair your truck brakes and ensure your truck is safe to drive.

Diesel Engine Repair

If your diesel engine is having trouble starting, making a strange noise, discharging black exhaust, or experiencing some other problem, we can fix it and prevent worse problems from occurring.

Light & Electrical Repair

We handle computer diagnostics, electrical cable issues, headlights and brake lights, and more. Call if you’ve got a lighting or electrical problem with your truck or trailer.

Wheel & Tire Services

Faulty truck tires create unsafe driving conditions for everyone on the highway. Keep your drivers safe and minimize your liability with our professional truck wheel and tire services.

Trailer Repair

Truck trailers must stay in excellent condition to keep everyone on the road safe and your freight protected. We can handle trailer brake repairs, suspension failure, tire problems, lighting and electrical issues, and more.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance program is crucial to any fleet maintenance organization. Consistency and compliance are critical. Preventative maintenance keeps equipment in excellent condition through regular checkups and maintenance.

A preventative maintenance plan will reduce unplanned downtime by providing forecasted issues that can be identified and addressed before any failures or unexpected shutdowns.

Whether you have an existing preventive maintenance program or you need to develop one, our highly skilled and experienced DOT / FMCSA certified inspectors will take a hands-on approach to your fleet.

Integrity will build custom maintenance programs that best fit your specific operational needs and learn your field of service and operations to find solutions to all your fleet needs and challenges.

We can:

  • Build custom maintenance programs that fit specific operational needs
  • Carefully adhere to existing maintenance programs and protocols
  • Manage and schedule recurring PM and DOT/FHWA inspections
  • Manage and log all maintenance & service records

A Fleet Management Team That Cares About Your Bottom Line

By building and enforcing these programs, we will identify solutions, not just problems. We will continuously analyze your fleet data and trends. We will collaborate with consultants, technicians, and experts to find the correct applications that best fit your fleet’s operations, logistics, and industry. Our team will continuously present you with solutions, ideas, and improvements that can be made to reach your cost saving goals and initiatives.

DOT & FMCSA Inspections

Our DOT and FMCSA certified inspectors will keep your trucks compliant, safe, and ready to drive. Every inspection we perform is recorded, and the data is stored on your customer portal so you can access it any time. You can also see which inspections are due so you can provide the best care for your trucks and minimize downtime by planning ahead.

Cost Saving Identifiers

By performing regularly scheduled inspections with picture documentation of damages and repairs, you can amplify your savings:

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Increase the Life of Equipment
  • Reduce the Risk of Expensive Reactive Maintenance
  • Improve your Customer Service
  • Identify responsible parties for damages caused by motor carriers, vendors, contractors, employees, or trailer lessees.

FREE Fleet Insight Portal

All customers at Integrity Fleet Services get access to a custom portal featuring a record of all maintenance and services we’ve performed on your fleet anywhere, anytime.

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